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Welcome to K'nees Florists

Please take some time to meet our team



Trisha - Owner

Meet Trisha, the boss. After a 15 year career in Human Resources Trisha decided to carpe diem and do what she loves. Flowers. A transplant from the suburbs from Chicago, Trisha graduated from Augustana College with a degree in Business Administration & Art. Trisha is a mama to 2 kiddos- step mom to 1 and step grandma to 3. She and her husband are also foster licensed and faith is very important to her. Trisha is fast designer- she is often the designated greener at holidays and is always on the go! If you don’t see Trisha at the store she’s probably running her kids to one of their million activities or working at her home in Coal Valley.

Nancy – Floral Designer

Meet Nancy, she has been a floral designer for over 30 years! She actually worked for the K’nees family back in the 80’s! Nancy is an amazing designer- her forte is big and beautiful and anything that includes tropical flowers. If you don’t see Nancy at the store she’s probably drinking a cocktail on the beach somewhere!

Sherice - Floral Designer

Meet Sherice, she is a transplant from Colorado. Sherice graduated with a degree in social work, but can’t stay away from flowers! Sherice LOVES greenery- she does a fantastic job creating lush and full arrangements. Sherice’s faith is very important to her- she is a leader at her church and is always preaching the good news.

Lowes – Floral Designer

Meet Lowes, she is a lover of flowers. Lowes took the Floral Design class at Blackhawk College and then started taking classes at K’nees, which is where she and Trisha met. Lowes typically works Saturdays, as she’s a bus driver during the day. Lowes has 3 horses and can often be found wearing her cowgirl boots!

Kalysha - Floral Designer

Meet Kalysha, jack of all trades. Kalysha started off as a driver for K’nees, and then slowly added plant maintenance, designer and customer service to her resume. Kalysha is quiet- but has a lot of good one liners that make us giggle. Kalysha LOVES gnomes and the color blue. Kalysha can often be found hanging out with her daughter and sidekick, Keegan.

Sam – The Cat

Meet Sam, the cat! He is a rescue from Rescued. His favorite flower is catnip. He is a bit of a stinker- so watch out if you’re in the store- he might just grab your leg!